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Runs from Friday July 19 2019 to Saturday July 20 2019

Approximate running time: 0 hours and 55 minutes


Town Hall Opera House
87 Broadway
Orangeville ON L9W 1K1

Play Notes

× ****DISCLAIMER!: While The Commandment deals with difficult subject matter including blasphemy, suicide, mental illness and homelessness, it is ultimately a comedic story of hope. It is unlike anything you would normally see on our stage and for that very reason, we encourage you to come and see it for yourself. Told by an incredibly passionate and engaging performer, the story brings you on a journey of overcoming profound challenges. You may want to bring a tissue – but you’re also in for a good laugh and a lasting feeling of hope before the house is up!

NORTH (519) ticket are available at the door. CASH ONLY SPECIAL PROMO: To get 2 Tickets for $25 call: 519-942-3423 or visit the Box Office!!!

Friday July 19 - Orangeville Curling Club - 9pm (Ages 14+)LLBO Venue

Saturday July 20 - Revival 1863: 5:30pm and 9:30pm (Ages 19+)LLBO Venue

Thomas is using a public restroom. He is surprised when God starts talking to him from the next stall and tells him that he has been selected to deliver a new commandment to mankind. There’s one big problem, though: Thomas is an atheist. His belief structure shattered, Thomas embarks on a journey he never wanted as he tries to deal with his new life as reluctant prophet. Today, Thomas is crashing an open mic night to tell his story. The Commandment is a solo dramatic comedy about loss, love and the pitfalls of visiting the john in the presence of the almighty.

" A roller coaster..." - Grid City Magazine

"Phil Rickaby has commanding stage presence and storytelling prowess." - TWISI Theatre Blog

"A well-crafted story with surprising emotional impact." -

The Toronto Fringe festival, which takes place July 3-8th, is a series of plays and presentations that allow artists to develop and produce new work and then perform in 43 pop-up and dedicated venues all over Toronto.

Theatre Orangeville is presenting the Best of Toronto Fringe Festival, in a three-day event called NORTH(519) Best of Fringe. The event is to be held on July 19 to 21, 2018, in three separate Orangeville venues.

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